Creative Artist Spotlight on Elika Roohi

by Kim on August 3, 2010

Oboist Elika Roohi

As I move forward in life, I discover that I sometimes forget to look back. I am so focused on today and on the future that I lose sight of the lessons from the past – the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that seems to infuse youth.

Well, this past week all those lessons came rushing back. I had the chance to connect with a young woman who is just starting her journey through life, and she reminded me of what a joy it is to be standing at the gateway of adulthood with the whole world waiting. She left me feeling energized and enthused by all the possibilities life has to offer – I couldn’t wait to share a little about this amazing woman with you.

So without further ado, I’d like you to meet Elika Roohi…

Doing What You Love to Discover What to Do

Elika is a freshly minted high school graduate. As she puts it, she is “in that weird transition period where I should be all grown up, but I’m not quite there yet.” Remember those days? I sure do!

While she prepares to go off to college this fall, Elika is deep in the process of discovery. Rather than let herself be limited by what she ‘should’ do or what her family expects of her, she is dabbling in a number of creative outlets to discover what fuels her fire.

Back in sixth grade, she took up the oboe as part of a band. From there, Elika learned that hard work and diligent practice are the essential ingredients to nurturing inner talent. Today, Elika loves playing classical music within an orchestra and looks forward to a future of playing Tchaikovsky in college.

However, rather than being content with this one talent, Elika is constantly challenging herself and stretching to greater heights. She is self-taught on the ukulele, runs cross-country and is an avid reader. Under the guidance of her journalism teacher, Elika was instrumental in re-creating an online student newspaper.

And what is Elika’s biggest obstacle to success? Like many of us, she counts herself as her own worst enemy. Living in Alaska, Elika must contend with long, dark winter days when sleeping and reading seem to be all that is on her mind.

To stay focused, Elika uses checklists to organize, prioritize and energize. When she is on information overload, it is to-do lists. When she is feeling out of focus, it is motivational lists. Books, music, you name it – Elika loves lists!

As she heads out into the world of unlimited possibilities, Elika isn’t limiting her potential or options. A recent posting on her blog lists everything from being a professional oboist to a young adult author to a singer on Broadway as potential career paths. The point is that Elika is living life to the fullest. She is pursuing what fuels her passion and then deciding where to go from there. In a society that seems to be driven largely by wealth, status and social acceptance, we can all learn from Elika and her path of following her heart.

You can visit Elika’s blog or follow her on Twitter. I particularly enjoyed her performance video as pictured above on her YouTube channel and check out her former school newspaper where aspiring journalists generate news.

Thank you Elika for stepping into the Spotlight!

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rob white August 5, 2010 at 12:48 pm

A true artist in every way. She is fully expressing herself and totally participating in life with no holding back. You simply cant lose when you direct and focus your passion.


Kim August 6, 2010 at 6:45 am

Appreciate the inspirational reminder and comment Rob!


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