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by Kim on September 5, 2010

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Today’s Spotlight is on Stacy Basner.  I met Stacy years ago, when she lived in the Los Angeles area. I had the pleasure of watching her perform about town in various clubs and one of my favorite performances was watching her rock the house at BB King’s. It was a proud moment because I watched her flourish – from playing solo in intimate settings to the evolution of her band that continues to tour and follow their dream today.

Stacy Basner is an authentic performer full of passion and uncompromising determination. As you read her interview you’ll see her success is in how she looks within and honors her Self, inspiring others to tap into their soul for progressive creativity.  Stacy’s personal philosophy is the core to her success and I’m happy to call her a friend.

Kim: Thank you for joining me here, Stacy. Please tell our readers a little about yourself…

Stacy: Hi, my name is Stacy Basner.  I’m a singer/songwriter and guitar player for the band FINER.  I am from NY, but I live in Indianapolis with my husband and bass player Ethan James. We met in Los Angeles so we are big health nuts and love working out, but we can just as easily enjoy down time.

Kim: What ignites your creativity? Where do you find inspiration for your creative work?

Stacy: A lot of inspiration comes from practicing the guitar. It can be 10 minutes into practicing or two hours, but at some point your active mind kind of shuts down and the creative juices start to flow.  Even watching movies, or just being in daily conversation something will just hit you and that impression becomes an idea.  Usually, it’s an energetic feeling and not something that someone has said but how I am feeling in response to what I am seeing.

Kim: That’s an important observation because creativity is engaged when our conscious mind is distracted. When we’re not thinking so hard about being creative, ideas can bubble to the surface. On the flip-side, what hinders your creativity or what has been your biggest obstacle to success?

Stacy: Low expectations and negative thinking has only recently become a roadblock.  When I feel good and my focus is pure, the world just floats into my hands.   But, when I get down on myself or get into a blaming mode everything professionally kind of shuts down.

Kim: That Self-talk can get the best of us. It’s great you’re conscious of it! Everyone experiences peaks and valleys.  How do you overcome challenges?

Stacy: I do my best to find one of my old habits that worked in the past and although they might not be as effective they do bring comfort.  Any time I can do a little bit of Yoga or sing and not be judgmental about it I feel good. I also love the movies.  Anything with Steve Carell is always inspiring and gets me back in the right state of mind.  I’m also big into the Abraham Hicks books by Jerry and Esther Hicks, which are filled with tons of exercises and words of wisdom.

Kim: I love it – all great ways to give the mind a break. I found if you give Yoga a chance, it can be addicting. What advice do you have for people just starting out on their journey as a creative artist?

Stacy: Enjoy the ride, but do your best to get some clarity about what you want and what your strengths are.  You can always work on your weaknesses but knowing how unique you are will give you confidence and will help you as you develop personally and professionally.  There is no one like you and regardless of your field, your ideas and talents are worthy of people’s attention.

Kim: What has been the best piece of advice you’ve received in pursuing your passion?

Stacy: Don’t compare yourself to others.  Do what you do.  Be who you are.

Kim: Ah, authenticity – works in all realms. How do you stay motivated in pursuing your music?

Stacy: By staying positive and encouraging others. It’s very easy to get competitive and feel threatened, but I have found that acting out of anger or fear only creates more of those feelings.  So, when I sincerely enjoy and encourage my friends it kind of sparks appreciation for myself.  It is also easy to get discouraged or feel like each failed attempt is your last hope, but if that was the case I would have never met Ethan or the amazing guys I am playing with today.  I got rejected from so many bands and so many industry people that each defeat would have been a great excuse to pursue something else.  But, I stayed happy and hopeful. I kept studying and practicing and every time we get rejected from one opportunity a better one always shows up.

Kim: You have an amazing attitude. It’s so important for people to be in a supportive and encouraging environment – to surround yourself with those who will lift you up to be your best vs. bring you down. Do you have a positive experience with a Coach or Mentor that you can share with others?

Stacy: Absolutely, I have had many mentors in my lifetime. I always seem to attract the best people at the most difficult times.  Paula Friedland from Anthony Robbins was a great resource for me. Initially it was meant to be guidance for our band and it ended being one of the best things when Ethan and I got engaged.  It was great to have an outside perspective on relationships and moving into that next phase of adulthood.   Ultimately you have to trust your own instincts as only you know what is right for you, but sometimes you are off center and it’s great to have someone who sees you in your best light and knows you can approach your dreams and your life from a better angle.  Getting the tools you need is almost like getting the keys to the kingdom.  You are in the driver’s seat and the road is yours.

Kim: That makes for an awesome testimonial! So, what’s up next for you?

Stacy: Finer is rehearsing new songs for an upcoming recording and reaching out to booking agents to help us book bigger tours. If you are in Indianapolis on October 29th, 2010 at 8pm come to the Battle of Birdy’s. We’re in round two and are having a blast meeting other bands and playing on the big stage.

Kim: If you’d like to learn more, visit FINER’S website for future shows. Stacy Basner can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and on YouTube! She’s “just getting hip to Tumblr and loving it!”

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jonathanfigaro September 12, 2010 at 5:38 am

As long as you keep your self-talk positive and progressive you will achieve your desires. Our thoughts turn into words then into actions.ct according to the positive words in your head and you will be ahead of the game!


Kim Maglinti September 12, 2010 at 3:14 pm

Hi Jonathan,

You’ve got it dialed in. Add feelings to the mix and you’re headed toward accomplishing your desired results. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

– Kim


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